The extensively revised and updated 5th edition of the Phytotherapy Desk Reference has been published

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The extensively revised and updated 5th edition of the Phytotherapy Desk Reference has been published

This book has been designed as a reliable desk reference for the busy herbalist/phytotherapist. It contains short, precise descriptions of over 236 of most commonly used herbs.

The intention is to provide practitioners with a limited number of reliable therapeutic actions with some reliable indications for each herb and with the information organised in such a way as to be a valuable clinical tool.

The short monographs also provide the main active constituents, the qualities of the herbs, known drug interactions and any caution or contraindications as well as the recommended dosage for liquid extracts.

As a quick reference index, the herbs have been grouped together under their therapeutic actions and indications. These lists are of course not exhaustive and may be expanded with time. They do, however, include the actions and indications on which most authors seem to agree on. Information about the herbs has come from accepted textbooks (see bibliography) and other published material.

Phytotherapy Desk Reference 5th Edition ISBN: 978-0-646-82443-7 Soft-cover, spiral bound. 200 pages. 233 Monographs.


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I firmly believe in the value and preservation of traditional medicine. I work to inform health professionals about the incredible value of medicinal plants and I work with industry to improve the quality of the medicinal products made from medicinal plants and nutrients.

I now divide my time between clinical practice where I specialise in cancer support and my various business activities.

Michael Thomsen is a Naturopath with over 30 years’ experience. Originally from Denmark, Michael completed studies in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine in Sydney, graduating in 1986. He has a Master of Science, from the Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, Swinburne University and is currently completing a PhD at Sydney University Medical School.

Michael has extensive industry experience as past technical manager of leading herbal medicine companies in Australia. He is the original author of the popular Phytotherapy Desk Reference now in its fourth edition having sold 16,000 copies worldwide.

Michael specialises in integrative oncology supporting patients with lifestyle and dietary advice, nutritional and herbal medicines and medical hyperthermia via allied clinics. His company, Eusano Healthcare, has pioneered whole body and local hyperthermia and water-filtered Infrared A (wIRA) in Australia, importing and distributing TGA listed medical infrared and hyperthermia devices made in Germany.

My interests are wide and deep. My focus is on fasting with the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet, herbal medicine, sustainable and ethical supply of medicinal plants, innovative medical devices, research and education. I am also very interested in epigenetics, genetic testing, and cancer testing, support and research.


  • PhD scholar, The University of Sydney Medical School, Discipline of Pharmacology
  • Director of L-Nutra Australia – Australasian supplier of the fasting-mimicking diet, ProLon.
  • Director of Eusano Healthcare – Infrared & Hyperthermia Medical Devices
  • Hobart Naturopath – specialising in naturopathic cancer support and integrative oncology


  • Peer reviewer: Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Phytotherapy Review.
  • Developed HerbDrugNutrient - an online database advising on safe prescribing of integrative medicines.
  • International Consultant with UN International Trade Centre (ITC), development of natural products, herbs and herbal medicine products in Bangladesh.
  • Visit to Bangladesh on behalf of Intercoorporation. Publication of a report concerning the development of a herbal medicine industry in Bangladesh.
  • Obtained a master’s degree by research in applied science (herbal medicine) at the Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne.
  • Published Fourth Edition, Phytotherapy Desk Reference
  • International lecturing on herbal medicine, manufacturing & quality control
  • Technical Manager of Phytomedicine and HerbResearch. Phytomedicine was a manufacturer and Australasian distributor of practitioner strength herbal extracts.
  • Technical consultant to the herbal medicine industry in Australia and overseas specialising in technical writing, Internet data base and new product development.
  • Manager, Herbal Medicines, Phytomedicine, a leading Australian herbal medicine manufacturer and supplier to health professionals.
  • Manager of Phytomedicine’s practitioner telephone and Internet support service. The service is used by health professionals including naturopaths and medical practitioners from Australia and overseas.
  • Research Associate and course coordinator (Herbal medicine) at the Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, Swinburne University, Melbourne.


  • Technical consultant to the herbal medicine industry in Australia and Denmark specialising in technical writing and new product development.
  • Managing MediHerb’s practitioner telephone support service. The service is used by health professionals including medical practitioners from Australia and overseas.
  • Lecturing: post-graduate courses and seminars in Australia, Malaysia, NZ and Denmark, including lecturing for the Australian College of Herbal Medicine: a Melbourne based college for medical practitioners.

Topics included:

    • Herbal Biological Response Modifiers: Supporting patients undergoing conventional cancer treatments.
    • Psoriasis: latest medical investigations and herbal treatment options
    • Herbal medicine: lessons from traditions: constructing formulations
    • Herbal prescribing for health professionals
    • Herbal Medicine for Pharmacists
  • Course developer for the Australian College of Phytotherapy: Advanced Diploma of Herbal Medicine, a post-graduate course. Students include medical practitioners and other health professionals.
  • Published Phytotherapy Desk Reference in Australia
  • Senior lecturer, School of Herbal Medicine, TAFE Tasmania
  • Co-author men’s health book for the general public


  • Published Kompendium in phytoterapi, Denmark
  • Co-founder Institut for Phytoterapi, Copenhagen, Denmark. Senior lecturer in Phytotherapy
  • Co-founder Scandinavisk Urte Import, herbal import company based in Denmark
  • Ongoing twice-yearly lecturers in Norway and Denmark
  • Natural therapies practice in Hobart.
  • Co-author, women’s health book for the general public: menopause and herbal medicine


  • Founder Newdegate Street Health Centre, a multi-modality medical and natural therapies clinic, Hobart, Tasmania
  • Completed first year of a Bachelor of Arts degree, University of Tasmania (obtaining distinctions in sociology and psychology)


  • Co-founder NSW School of Natural Medicine, Coffs Harbour. Principal lecturer in massage therapy.
  • Natural therapies practice, NSW


  • Natural therapies practice, Sydney


  • Graduated from Nature Care College of Natural Medicine with Diploma of Naturopathy and Diploma of Botanical Medicine after 3.5 years of full time study.


  • Emigration to Australia from Denmark.


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